Shanksville, PA Media Loop

Welcome to the Shanksville Loop preview. On Saturday, April 29th we will be taking off from the Courthouse in Somerset at 8:30 a.m. There will be time to meet some of the Flight 93 families before departure. We will ride 13 miles to the Shanksville crash site and have a short ceremony in conjunction with family who will have driven to the site. There will be a brief time to speak to family members before we mount up and return the 13 miles to Somerset.

There will be State Police escorts to the site and back, but we must all ride as one group. As a courtesy to the other riders and for everyone’s safety, your bicycle should be in good condition and you should be able to maintain an average speed of at least 12 miles per hour. The terrain is rolling hills and the road is good, but not terribly wide. As a courtesy to motorists, we need to stay as close together as possible. Please be sure to bring equipment to take care of your bicycle, especially spare inner tubes. There will not be any maintenance facilities available along the route. Although the ride should last less than three hours, we encourage you to bring plenty of fluids and something to eat while riding.

We look forward to seeing you there. In the interest of everyone’s safety, we insist that all riders on this loop ride wear approved cycling helmets.

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