Current Ride Status (Pre-Ride Preparations)

Images and comments from the riders will be posted here on a daily basis. We are also maintaining a mileage log for those of you who would like to meet up with the team and ride along. This will give you an idea of what to expect as far as pace is concerned.

Ride Status Archive Page 01 (04/04 - 04/06)

Current Ride Status (Pre-Ride Preparations)

Apr 6:

Rest Day

Today after four days of riding over 460 miles, one of which was about 163 miles, we decided to take it "easy". The day was spent rebuilding Bobby's bike (the frame set came via overnight UPS from Jamis), adjusting cables, doing preventive maintenance, and cleaning up (as in laundry).

At 13:00 we rode to the headquarters of USAirways and had a rally with employees of USAirways, Southwest, and other airline personnel from several other air carriers (UAL, Continential, Frontier to name a few). There were even TSA personal there to wish us well. After introductions by USAirways execs VP Ed Bular and Chief Pilot Lyle Hogg, Tom thanked all those there, pointed out that despite the different names of the various airlines represented there, they were all one family and had so much in common given the sacrifices each and everyone made in the post 9/11 period of the airline industry and that they should be proud to be the first to take the "sky back" given the loss of the 33 fellow crewmembers who were the "first of the first responders" of that day.

The Riders then were joined by about 20 other cyclists and one runner for the 10 mile loop through Tempe.

This was a wonderful "rest" day, a day we so needed, and we now look forward to riding tomorrow for Jeffrey "Jeff" Coleman.

Apr 5:

On the fourth day of the Ride after having ridden about 400 miles in 3 days, we were looking forward to an "easy" day. The start was very, very emotional. The couple that greeted us as we arrived in Wickenburg yesterday, saw us all off with a prayer and a blessing. The group of Riders and the girls in the support vehicle gathered in a circle and Pastor Bill Dietz with his wife Marlyn dedicated the Ride to Bobbi Arestegui noting the sacrifices she and the other crewmembers made. There was not a dry eye!

The weather was cool but dry and the winds were not as bad as forecast so the 63 miles to Tempe was quicker than we had expected to be. Today, Bobbi was definitely watching not just us but Bobby McGee. Bobby took a bad fall, thankfully he's OK and will be up and riding tomorrow but on another bike. His Jamis is "toast". Carbon being carbon, it is very "finicky" and broke. Thankfully he's OK and so are all the other Riders. Jamis is shipping a frame and fork to us overnight and we expect to be 100% "on the go" to Tucson on Friday.

Tomorrow is a rest day with a loop and rally at the USAirways Headquarters with all the airline employees that live in the Phoenix area.

Again, we are all very grateful that Chic, John, Tom, and Bobbi got us to where we are today!

Apr 4:

Today, we started in airline lingo at: "o dark thirty" by picking up where we left off! We rode out in the RV to where the CHP "kicked" us off the interstate due to darkness and made us go on the frontage road. We had to finish what we started for John Ogonoski...he would have have done the exact same thing if he were here.....finish what you start!

Once we got on the Road for today, we rode for Tom McGuinness. He was with all the way because we ALL finished! Including Bobby with his "bum" foot. 128 miles, total climb for the day was maybe 6000' with climbing and descending in the high desert with shifting winds. The total climb from Blythe to Wickenburg was 2100' with a max of 2960'. The climb lasted about 80 miles with continuous and undulating grades. The last 6 miles into Wickenburg was downhill. Rob Zettle has a new name: flat man. He had 4 flats today! All of us were astounded by the support of the folks that we passed! Honking horns, waves, and in some towns like in Wickenburg a couple waited for 3 hours, welcome sign in hand to greet us.

Tomorrow, we ride for Barbara "Bobbi" Arestegui, a Ride to Phoenix of 50 miles and 12 more to Tempe.

After 3 days and over 400 miles on the road, a distance we could not have done without Chic, John and Tom......they keep us going as we try to keep their memory alive.

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