Current Ride Status (Pre-Ride Preparations)

Images and comments from the riders will be posted here on a daily basis. We are also maintaining a mileage log for those of you who would like to meet up with the team and ride along. This will give you an idea of what to expect as far as pace is concerned.

Ride Status Archive Page 01 (04/01 - 04/03)

Current Ride Status (Pre-Ride Preparations)

Apr 3:

Wildlife begging for scraps from local residents

Apr 3:

The first casualties appear

Apr 3:

Today was a day of 6 flats, multiple climbs of almost 2000', heat, rain and darkness.

What got us through? John Ogonoski for whom today's Ride was dedicated to/for.

Departing Colton at 7:15AM (wanted to leave at 6:30AM) we rode through the streets of Colton eastward. In Loma Linda, Bobby had to "bail" due to Achilles tendon problems and rode in the RV...thank God for that! Once out of Loma Linda the "fun" started. We were on a two lane country road with no shoulder climbing over a period of 25 miles about 1600'. Our speed: 10-13mph. Once we were near Banning the CHP picked us up and off we went. We rode through orange orchards and deep canyons: wonder full scenery but because of time and distance to go could not stop for a photo. Once through Banning and the Banning pass and an elevation of close to 2000' the fun started! Downhill! For a period of about 15 miles we traveled on a road that paralleled I-10 and our speeds were in the 35-40 mph range! Quite cool. We traveled on the I-10 for about 5 miles and then went back to a frontage road till we picked up route 111 to Palm Springs: again more down hill past windmill generators and into Palm Springs.

In Indian Wells at the country club, we had lunch with the Palm Spring Rotary. Must do this more often! Chicken, potatoes, and veggies and lots of water. Once on the road we picked up I-10 in Indio. We had a climb into the "high desert" of over 2000' in a 26 mile Ride.....not pretty! The grades were over 6% for most of the way! But, we made it and once up: you got to go down. We had a light downhill grade and were able to get up to speeds nearing 30 mph for most of the way, on the flats we were able to maintain about 21 mph.

In Desert Springs, a different CHP officer joined us and stayed with us till about 20 miles out of Blythe. He made us leave the interstate for our own safety: it was dark, wet because of the rain and obviously not the safest place to be. We exited the interstate, got in the RV and drove 15 miles down the "road" to the next exit that had a frontage road to Blythe. Did the last 10 miles in the dark with the smell of orange blossoms, the barking of dogs and the whinnying of the horses.

Today was special: over 165 miles and all along the way people were waving, honking their horns, and even the railroad trains the parallel the I-10 for miles and miles honked or "blasted" us. Yes, John got us through, just as Chic got us through yesterday.

Tomorrow, Thomas McGuinness will get us on our way with an early morning "get up" (5:30).....we are going out to ride the part that we had to this evening in the RV.

It's the mission for the 33: get the job done! The other things that got us where we are the bikes: the Jamis Xenith team made all the rough spots seem smooth and the hotel deal with Hampton: no sleeping in the RV or in the desert!

Apr 2:

Survivors of the first 100 miles in Colton California

Apr 2:

An image from the trailing RV.

Apr 2:

California Highway Patrol

Apr 2:

Supports come in all sizes.

Apr 2:

The Ride Begins. Rob Zettel standing outside the RV at Dockweiler Beach just prior to departure. For more pictures from this day, please visit AFALAX.ORG. The following image re-posted with permission from Darren Shiroma, LEC President, AFA-CWA Council 12 LAX.

An emotional start at Dockweiler Beach. We were sent off on our way by both current and retired airline employees and many other. There were 12 United Flight Attendants there, representing the 12 killed on 9/11. The day was sunny and bright just like 9/11....the ride started out with a moment of silence, a group thought of Chic Burlingame for whom the start was dedicated to. No more fiting tribute to a leader amongst the crewmembers of 9/11: the Captain of AA 77.

The Ride through LAX: greeted by the airport police, led through the upper level by the LAXPD Bicycle the departure of LAX we were saluted by the squad...a fitting send off.

Rode theough the streets of LA with Officer Johnson of theCHP. She escorted the ride for over 30 miles and left us just outside the San Bernardino County Line. Next 40 miles we were on our own. Got a flat, Bobby fell off the bike, we got split up, and we got lost trying to find he hotel.

Found it!

Had dinner together, went over the route and stops for tomorrow and am now calling it a night.

Tomorrow 160 miles and we ride for John Ogonowski.

Apr 1:

Preparing for The Ride.

The Official Hotel of the Airline
Ride Across America