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The Ride Status of the original Airline Ride Across America has been ARCHIVED! CLICK HERE to read about this historic ride!

Images and comments from the riders will be posted here on a daily basis.

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Bar Crawl &
Portside Tavern:

This past weekend our fundrasing efforts surpassed any previous weekend event completed thus far. For those that have been following our progress during this fundraising campaign or just periodically check the Airline Ride Across America website for updates, this one particular weekend had several drawings in two different locations in the area: the Lindy Promotions 15th annual Cap City Fall Bar Tour and the drawing at Portside Tavern in Baltimore. Ten employees of the Corporate Executive Board sold tickets and helped raise over $2,500 in a 6 hour period. Ticket sales started early in the day around 1:00PM and lasted into the early evening. Imagine our good fortune being in the midst of a “bar crawl” that encompasses over 10 restaurants and $2.00 beers, ten cent wings, and more good cheap munchies? Think we had fun? We sure did and the best part of our activity was getting more money for the 3 memorials of 9/11.

Four winning tickets were drawn and the following people received the following prizes:

  • The $500.00 gift certificate from the various participating restaurants in the Bar Tour: Kristin Thompson

  • The IPOD: Lloyd "Woody" Wood

  • The Southwest Tickets: JC

  • The Promotional Packages from City Bikes: The Staff at Rumors purchased 50 tickets and they won that drawing of 2 "courier" bags, safety lights and water bottles.

The last drawing and separate drawing was held in Baltimore, Maryland at Portside Tavern. An additional over twenty tickets were sold that night. For those that purchased tickets for the earlier raffles and had not won had their tickets rolled over into the next drawing. It pays to play. The wining ticket that was drawn was purchased at the Front Page in Arlington, Va on September 16th. Liz Fernandez, from Burke, VA and Melissa Yergovich from Arlington, VA pooled their resources and are the happy winners of the two vouchers for round trip tickets on American Airlines to anywhere in Continental North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Wonder where they are going this winter? Anyone want to guess?

We would like to thank everyone for your help so far. I hope to see people at the final raffle in Bethany Blues BBQ Pit in Bethany Beach, DE this upcoming weekend. The raffle reception will start at 2pm. The Bike riders will be there between 2 and 3pm to help celebrate and give away the final pair of American Airlines tickets.

Bar Crawl &
Portside Tavern:

We got some great photos from the Bar Crawl and the Portside Tavern. Just from the Bar Crawl alone we raised another $2,500! Thank you to Whats Up VIP for providing photos from this event for us!