The Ride Status of the original Airline Ride Across America has been ARCHIVED! CLICK HERE to read about this historic ride!

Images and comments from the riders will be posted here on a daily basis.

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Route Update:

See updated route information
This is due to road closures from flooding.

The Bottom Line:

Picture this: a middle aged male, in a bar with patrons who are half his age? Think he was reliving his youth? You bet! Last night, at the Bottom Line the crowds were 4-5 deep at the bar, raffle tickets were selling like hot cakes, the place was packed. You could tell who bought a ticket because each purchaser of a raffle was "sporting" beaded blue and silver leis. You know, those long things that they give you as a traditional greeting when you land in Hawaii. It was the land of 10,000 leis! What is remarkable about last night was the continued support for the Airline Ride Across America and the effort to see that the three memorials of 9/11 are funded. From Chris Guzek to Cara, to the DJ, to the staff at the Bottom Line to the winner: we all had fun and it was for a good cause. In four hours we raised over $1300.00, to date with the two previous raffles (Starboard and Front Page Arlington) we've raised over $7000.00.

Speaking of the winner: Brent Wohlers from Morrisplanes, New Jersey. Any takers on where he's going with his two tickets on American Airlines? Any takers on who he is taking along?

The next event is next weekend in Baltimore at Portside Tavern but don't forget the 17th Annual "Bar Crawl" where you can get more raffle tickets………..those that were not so lucky as Brent will still be in "luck": they will have their tickets "rolled over" to the next drawing.

The Bottom Line: