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Alicia N. Titus
United Airlines Flight 175
Flight Attendant

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." Alicia Titus, August 28, 2001

Alicia Titus, 28, was born June 11, 1973 in Springfield, Oh. to John and Bev (Delaney) Titus of Dexter, Mich.

Alicia was greatly loved by family and friends. She enjoyed travel and experiencing world cultures. She loved life to the fullest and strived to make a difference in the world. Alicia embodied the spirit of peace and good will throughout her life. Alicia will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Titus was remembered at the service as a person "who embraced peace and life," and her father, John Titus, read a poem he had written, describing his daughter as a "soulful beauty, the embodiment of life.... Her greatest gifts were peace, love, joy, and life."

Titus, who earned an undergraduate degree in international marketing from Miami University, left her job as an account manager at Netcentives on Brannan Street last year, to become a flight attendant in hopes of traveling the world. She had been working as a flight attendant for only nine months when she and six other flight attendants, two pilots, and 56 passengers were killed aboard the flight that left Boston at 8:14 a.m. on Sept. 11 bound for Los Angeles.

"I'm sure she found a way to make things easier for the passengers," her aunt Jody Lewis, who is a flight attendant for U.S. Airways, told the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. "If she worked to calm or comfort or soothe just one person, that would have been okay for her."

"She had a special kind of energy," Lewis also told the Dispatch. "She was self-confident and used that to make sure that everyone around her felt better about themselves. You only had to meet her once to remember her."

Titus already had traveled to Paris, Hawaii, Morocco, and Spain, according to Lewis.

"She was a thrill-seeker, an adventurer, who'd come face to face with a bear, looked into the eyes of a bull on the streets of Spain, and always wanted to harness the power to swim with wild dolphins in the ocean," her aunt said. "One thing she never was, was afraid."

Titus' close friend Tamara Kley recalls that "Alicia loved her neighborhood. One of her favorite places was the top of Bernal Heights, and she loved all the beautiful murals in the neighborhood and getting ice cream at Mitchell's."

The weekend before she lost her life, Titus and Kley spent time in Dolores Park. "It was a beautiful weekend," says Kley. "The sun was out, and we were singing on the swings, playing on the monkey bars."

Kley says that Titus had hoped to be a teacher one day and also to join the Peace Corps. "There were so many things she wanted to do."

She is survived by her parents; sister, Shanoa Titus and her fiancee', Jay Poston; nephew, Logan, all of Tipp City, Oh.; brother and sister-in-law, Zachery and Lana (Runkle) Titus of Helena, Mont.; brother, Elijah Titus, living at home; paternal grandparents, Glenno and Olivia Titus of Rushsylvania, Oh.; maternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Ann) Delaney of Urbana, Oh.; aunts and uncles, Jodi and George Lewis, Jana and Bob Walker, Bob and Robin Titus, Rick and Kris Titus, Steve and Cindy Titus, Brenda and Terrance Johnson, Patricia and Robert Fink, Nancy and Jim Birt; very special boyfriend, Greg Ernst; and many cousins and friends

She was mourned at a memorial service in Urbana, Ohio. Her father, John Titus, read a poem he wrote, describing his daughter's greatest gifts as "peace, love, joy and life."

He said he had no doubt "Alicia died while trying to do good in the midst of evil."


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