This ride segment is dedicated to:

Sara Low
American Airlines Flight 11
Flight Attendant

Sara Elizabeth Low, 28, was born in Batesville, Arkansas, on October 27, 1972. She completed her flight attendant training in April 1999. Her position with American Airlines brought her to the wonderful city of Boston, where just a couple of weeks prior to losing her life on September 11, she had acheived her goal of finally having her own apartment, located in the beautiful historic area of Beacon Hill. Sara loved Boston and loved the life of a flight attendant. It was a perfect fit with her desires to live in a metropolitan area and to travel widely. She was on her way to becoming a real Bostonian, making her way around the city with ease, experiencing all that it had to offer, and looking forward to daily runs next to the Charles River. However, she still had her eye on the great destinations her career choice offered her, including aspirations to fly internationally.

One of the most commonly made observations about Sara is that she had a beautiful smile. Her smile was not just physically lovely, but pretty because it bespoke an incredible human being -- intelligent, witty, loyal, and adventurous. Sara's family has had the fortune to hear from many flight attendants who worked with her and who said they truly enjoyed having her as a colleague. She was a consummate professional -- punctual, poised, and hard-working. However, Sara loved having fun and had a ready laugh. Going out to dance was one of her favorite things to do on layovers.

Sara was a wondefully complex person with many facets. She loved the food and wine at exclusive restaurants in Boston, but she had her favorites at her grandmother's kitchen table in Bethesda, Arkansas, as well. She talked serious business with her father, but she loved the "girly" things in life like nailpolish and lipstick and long baths. In a professional setting, Sara had a presence that was graceful and elegant in an understated way, but she was well-known by family and friends for her bear hugs, the biggest of which she saved for her mother, and singing the Happy Birthday song in a silly voice.

Senator Ted Kennedy said of his nephew that John F. Kennedy, Jr., had every gift but longevity of years. The same could be said of Sara. Her brilliant light is terribly missed by those who love her. It is an undeniable fact that their lives have dimmed since she was taken from them. However, Sara leaves an incredible legacy, a very significant part of which is courage. It is known that she assisted her crewmates in relaying information about the events that unfolded aboard American Airlines Flight 11. Specifically, Amy Sweeney used a calling card given to her by Sara to contact American Airlines employees on the ground. The pilots and the flight attendants on that plane have just not received the recognition they are due for their bravery. They were truly the first responders of September 11. The coordinated actions of the crew members that culminated in the phone calls, extraordinary in their informative nature and composed manner, made by Betty Ong and Amy Sweeney set in motion the revelation of who was responsible for the events of that terrible day. The family of Sara Elizabeth Low are extremely grateful for the compassionate individuals who have coordinated the incredible tribute that is the Airline Ride Across America. Their thoughts are with them as they proceed in their journey across the country in fitting remembrance of the unequaled strength of all the flight crews lost on September 11, 2001.

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