B2B is intended to be an enjoyable bike ride; it is not a race, through parts of the Delmarva Peninsula with minimal time spent on major highways. B2B is using routes suggested by the Maryland and Delaware Departments of Transportation and various bicycle organizations and clubs. B2B has chosen routes that offer the greatest safety with respect to crossings at major intersections (for example traffic signals at US 50 & Rt. 404).  There will be some police assistance.

B2B takes place during a time of year when there can be all kinds and types of weather and one should plan accordingly. B2B will take place rain or shine. There are numerous locations where food, water and Gatorade are available. It is recommended that stops be made in Denton (mile 26) Federalsburg (mile 40) and Laurel (Mile 57).

There is SOME SUPPORT and/or only a sag wagon to assist the riders as a "sweeper" picking up stragglers. At the start City Bikes will have a mechanic and parts for last minute "hiccups". The Maryland State Police, as well as the Delaware State Police will provide assistance in assuring a safe Ride.  In the Town of Federalsburg (approx 40 miles) there is a scheduled stop for water, Gatorade and a "potty" stop. Everyone must be self sufficient. It is, therefore, beneficial to all to stay together and support one another.   As we get closer and closer to the starting date there will be further UPDATES.

The B2B is a supported one-way ride from Bridge to Beach, the hope is that most will stay the night and ride back the next day to the start point. The idea is to make this a fun and weekend family event.  B2B is a weekend event and Bethany Blues "hosting" the finish.  For those who cannot stay and "party" the weekend, there will be transportation provided for the return to the starting point.  The bus will depart Bethany Blues at 7:00PM; all other participants are responsible for their own return to point of origin be it Grasonville or some other point. The return to starting point is "non-supported" and every participant must make their own arrangements for the next day return. Some are having friends and family meet them at the finish, relax at Bethany Blues, then spend the night at the beach, it is hoped that Riders, friends and family will stay in the Bethany area so that an "informal" return to the Bridge can take place the next day.  Again, please check website for further UPDATES.

SAFETY Helmets must be worn by all riders during the entire ride. Riders must obey all traffic laws. It is important that you remain properly hydrated and carry your own water bottles. No head-phones allowed.